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        1. Congratulations to the team at Row House Steak & Lobster Co. for creating PEI Burger Love’s Most Loved Burger 2020!
          Olde Fashioned Row: An 8 oz Island Beef Patty in a Red Wine Demi Glaze, Smoked Whisky Aioli, Shredded Romaine Lettuce, Tomato, Pepperoncini Bacon, Red Chili Gouda and Aged White Cheddar Cheese Blend, Candied Bermuda Onion, Buffalo Hickory Sticks, and Creamy BBQ Sauce on a Toasted Brioche Bun topped with a Spicy Goat Cheese Wonton.
          A BIG YEAR 10 THANKS!

          Thanks, PEI Burger Love fans, for an incredible 10th year of ‘Welcoming Everything Local to the Table’! Over the extended 45 day campaign, we saw so much love for our participating restaurants, Island farmers, food producers, and suppliers. You’ve shown that tremendous foodie spirit of community and ‘love of local’ with each burger you enjoyed. Whether you dined in, picked up take-out, or had your chosen burger delivered, your support for our local businesses is greatly appreciated.

          Thanks to the hard working Chefs, kitchen crews, and front-of-house teams who pulled together another stellar year for Burger Love even amidst the shadow of Covid-19.

          Big thanks to the Give Back Burger restaurants who are giving back to Anderson House with each burger they sold throughout the campaign. We know that any funds provided will not only support this much needed non-profit organization, but will help to change lives.

          As well, thanks to our partners and sponsors who offer a huge helping of support each year to PEI Burger Love and the impact it has on our Island community.

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